About Us

first swiss dog bakery

Les Friandises is above all to propose to get away from the traditional idea of dog treats. Les Friandises is a contemporary brand that claims a new definition of pet treats.

We forget that, above all, cookies are pastries where taste is at the center. When we think of pet treats we think of a special moment of: reward, education or celebration.

But do our pets always need an excuse to be spoiled?

Like their owners who go out and buy a packet of cookies for no apparent reason, why isn't this reflex for our animals?

Les Friandises wishes above all to create dog treats with simple and non-industrial products where the gustatory pleasure of our animals is put forward, more than the occasion in itself.

This is why our recipes are hand made with love in Geneva, with natural and high quality ingredients.

What are you waiting for to make every day special with Les Friandises?

Warm regards,